About the Danish Association of the Blind

The Danish Association of the Blind, "Dansk Blindesamfund", in short called DAB, is formed and run by people who suffer from blindness or severe visual impairment.


The Danish Association of the Blind (DAB) is a private organisation of blind and partially sighted persons established in 1911.

The organisation has developed from a loose network of visually impaired persons to a strong and well-acknowledged disability organisation in the Danish civil society with approximately 9.500 members. DAB works for equal rights and inclusion of its members in all areas of society.


DAB's members are nationally organised in 20 local branches and one additional branch on the Faroe Islands.

Each of the local branches has its own chairman and management elected by their local members. Together with the chairmen of the political committee the 20 Danish chairmen form the authority of the organisation as the DAB Board. Furthermore, the DAB Board elects the Executive Committee, which undertakes the daily management of the organisation and is politically in charge of the undertakings and priorities between board meetings.


DAB collaborates with other disability organisations and is also part of the umbrella organisation, Disabled People’s Organisation – Denmark (DPOD). Additionally DAB is also member of the European umbrella organisation, European Blind Union and the global organization of World Blind Union.

How to find DAB

The organisation's head office is situated at:

Blekinge Boulevard 2
DK-2630 Taastrup
Tel. 38 14 88 44
E-mail: info@blind.dk

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